This week in the class, we had an activity of micro-teaching in which we had to show our teaching skills pretending that we were teaching to children of ages between 10 and 11 years. However, the things did not go as planned,  what sincerely speaking made me feel that there was no way to follow what to do. For me, there was a dead end at the corner of teaching at the moment of facing the fact of teaching in a big group of children. Even though I have taught English to small groups of young adults in a couple of times, I had never seen myself so fuc”!ª* lost!

After a depth analysis I reached the conclusion that it was because of two factors: The first one was the fact that in spite of the fact that one of our classmates has a great teaching methodology,  I had my activity interrupted by him because he concentrated himself into directing the class at such extend that he forgot that we were working with him. My reaction of interrupting him was not applied because I was full of anger at that moment (I felt that he had cut my tongue while I had my body tied :/ ) -It is not me! I said to myself. So I thought at that moment that the wisest thing to do in that situation was to stay still and quiet while I organized my ideas, my feedback for him in a good manner. As a result, I gave him this feedback personally , we talked about it, and as professionals, we had a conversation in which he recognized that mistake, apologized and added to respect the interval of exposition of each of his partners the coming times. Now, the second factor was that Even though I knew that we were in the context, I never thought that some of my classmates had the  drive of showing  us one or two of the worst aspects of young teenagers in a classroom. I specially thank the ones who did that because it could be felt really awful. Nevertheless it is the real way in which things can turn up in the real context of a school, and even worse.

Now that the class finished, and thinking critically about myself in the professional aspect, I have reached the conclusion that teaching is not only exposing  to some kids what one knows about one topic, but also awakening the interest of them into the taught topic with nice activities, without letting whoever interrupt what you are teaching; and imparting discipline into children without being like a typical police-looking teacher. Despite I have some of those abilities, I have to change my attitude in front of one of those situations, and even in the worse ones that can appear in a future. I won’t  give up! I’ll make it better! 😀